Breast Augmentation in Oklahoma City

When looking for breast augmentation, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tim Love uses his decades of experience to help you achieve the body you always dreamed of. Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure using breast implants and Oklahoma City residents are having breast augmentations in record numbers.

Women choose to undergo breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. These reasons are personal but can sometimes be related to general size of the breasts or shape changes after childbirth. In Oklahoma City, breast implants are among one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed and have helped thousands of women achieve their ideal breast size and shape.

Some women may combine multiple procedures to help them further their results. Dr. Tim R. Love also performs breast lifts (mastopexy) to help breasts recapture the fullness and support they once had. Additional procedures may be performed depending on your desired results.

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Breast Augmentation: What to Expect

Breast augmentation using breast implants can give a woman more proportional shape and can improve self image and self confidence.

Remember that breast augmentation, as with all cosmetic procedures, is best to be done for yourself, and not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image.

Augmentation does not correct severely drooping breasts. A breast lift (mastopexy) may be needed to adequately improve the overall appearance and regain the youthful appearance.  Mastopexy can often be performed in conjunction with an augmentation but sometimes must be performed separately. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma plastic surgeon Tim R. Love, M.D. will assist in assessing your individual situation.

Best results may be obtained from an augmentation if:

  • You are physically healthy
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Your breasts are fully developed
  • You are bothered by the feeling that your breasts are too small
  • You are dissatisfied with your breasts due to loss of shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss or aging.
  • Your breasts vary in size or shape
  • One or both of your breasts failed to develop normally

Implant type and size is best determined based upon a patient’s desired increase in size and her breast anatomy, skin elasticity and body type.

Breast augmentation patients in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma have options of using either saline or gel-filled implants. Both breast implants types provide excellent, safe results. Decision of saline vs. gel can best be made following a consultation with Tim R. Love, M.D. of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water. They are filled with varying amounts of saline which can affect the shape, firmness and feel of the breast.  When it leaks, it will collapse and the saline will be absorbed and naturally expelled by the body.

Silicone breast implants are filled with gel. When the implant ruptures, the gel may remain within the implant pocket and may not collapse.  Implant monitoring by ultrasound or MRI can identify this condition.


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