Our Customer Rewards Programs

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Our office offers two different customer rewards programs – Brilliant Distinctions (Allergan Rewards) and ASPIRE (Galderma Rewards).

It’s easy to join either program. All you need to do is register to start earning points toward future visits to Dr. Love!


Joining the Brilliant Distinctions rewards program is easy. Visit Visit BrilliantDistinctionsProgram.com or download the mobile app. Every time you purchase a qualifying treatment or when you shop online at the Brilliant Distinctions Mall, you earn points! The point value in the Mall varies by retailer. For example, shopping at The Gap through the Brilliant Distinctions Mall will earn one point per $5.00 spent.

Points equal dollar amounts for coupons. So if you have 200 points, you’ll earn a $20 coupon, 400 points, a $40 coupon, and so on.  Coupons expire 60 days from their creation date, so make sure to create your coupon when you’re ready for your treatment.

How to earn Brilliant Distinctions Rewards with Dr. Love:

Earn points every time you purchase one of the following procedures or products:


Just for signing up, you’ll receive a coupon for $20 off your next treatment sent almost immediately to your email. There are two different categories of points: treatment points and bonus points.

Treatment points are earned when you use certain Galderma products. Bonus points come from completing activities in the rewards program, like referring a friend or completing surveys. Points can be combined for discounts on Galderma treatments.

As your membership level increases, your earning opportunities will as well. However, only treatment points count toward getting to ASPIRE’s next program level.

There are five membership levels:

  • Base (0-249 points)
    • Access to rewards and information with points that are redeemable for discounts.
  • Connector (250-499 points)
    • More opportunities to earn and redeem points, including reward cards from retailers like Amazon, Target, Sephora, Nordstorm, and Best Buy.
  • Insider (500-999 points)
    • Even more ways to redeem points with debit cards that can be used however you’d like.
  • Royalty ( 1,000 – 1,499 points)
    • More access to cash-back opportunities to use, plus, you can unlock more experiences like a spa day.
  • VIP (1,500+ points)
    • You can redeem exclusive VIP experiences and have access to the most elite rewards.

Your rewards are accessible from your phone, so you can use your phone to redeem your certificates for in-office treatments.

How to earn ASPIRE Galderma Rewards with Dr. Love:

Ready to start earning points? Contact us today to see what treatments are right for you.