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Xeomin: The latest botulinum toxin!

Xeomin is the latest botulinum toxin. It is ideally used for crows feet, forehead lines, and in between brows just like other botulinum toxin products on the market today however the difference is Xeomin is “naked”, meaning no additives. It is 100% botulinum toxin and nothing else. With additives, the body can build antibodies to the toxin, possibly causing it to quit working over time. Since Xeomin is 100% botulinum toxin, developing these disabling antibodies…

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Diary of a Fraxel Patient

We loved this blog entry a woman made about her first Fraxel Dual experience and results. Click on the following link to read about her experience and also see results.  She posted several pictures that show significant improvement with just 1 treatment!  Click on the link below and enjoy! A Diary of my Facial Fraxel Treatment by Kate Britt Give us a call at Dr. Tim R. Love, MD’s office if you have any questions…

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Next Generation Breast Implants on the Horizon

The next generation of breast implants is under active development by Mentor Corporation aided by input from a group of expert plastic surgeons, engineers and scientists. The group, known as PROJECT LEAD, was assembled by Mentor from recognized experts in plastic surgery and associated sciences fundamental in the development and manufacturing of medical devices. Cohesive silicone breast implants are the latest development in the field. The silicone filler is solid thus alleviating the risk of…

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Choosing the Best Cosmetic Breast Enhancement Surgeon

It is no secret that cosmetic breast enhancement is a wildly popular procedure today. CNN estimates that approximately 100,000 breast enhancements will be performed in the US in 2011. In general, most women share a similar goal: natural looking results from safe cosmetic breast implants. How do you choose who to trust to perform your surgery? How do you know where you can get the quality you desire? Experience: You should look for more than…

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