BodyTite & FaceTite: Tighter, Toner, Better!

Surgical Results without the Scars

Occasionally, new technology is developed that changes the landscape of aesthetic medicine. BodyTite and Facetite by Inmode do just that. With the use of radio frequency assisted liposuction (RFAL), these minimally-invasive devices create smoother, tighter skin with quick recovery.

As the first in Oklahoma City to introduce this revolutionary technology, we can treat patients in our office focusing on their chest, abdomen, arms, breast, knees, hips, and inner-outer thighs. Multiple areas can be treated in one visit with results being seen immediately.

BodyTite is the first FDA-approved device to sculpt the body by removing unwanted fat while shrinking and tightening skin simultaneously. It can selectively remove fat and contour various areas of the body to create as good a result as an invasive surgery, but with no scars or significant downtime. The patient is made comfortable during the procedures with local sedation and will see results within three to six months. For more details view this video or our blog!

*See before-and-after disclaimer below

FaceTite offers the same technology for issues of facial aging, including saggy skin, double chin, jowl line, and other areas with deep lines and loose skin. By avoiding an excisional facelift procedure, you will be scar free and will benefit from reduced post-procedural swelling and discomfort with a natural looking result.

*See before-and-after disclaimer below

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*While these photos show the results of our actual patients, surgical results may vary from person to person. Discuss typical outcomes of your procedure with your surgeon and set realistic expectations based on your body type, heredity, lifestyle and medical history. These transformations are the results of surgical procedures or medical treatments, and were documented after an appropriate healing and recovery period. Optimum results were achieved when supported with good nutrition and exercise.

Watch these videos to see more on BodyTite and FaceTite.