Gummy Bear Implants—also referred to as Cohesive Gel Implants—are the latest advancement in breast augmentation. The anatomically-shaped implants feature solid silicone gel filler and are successful at enhancing the overall shape of a patient’s breast.

One of only 20 U.S. plastic surgeons selected to participate in the early development and initial implantation of gummy bear implants, Dr. Love is one of the most experienced physicians in the country in this FDA-approved implant. His extensive clinical research studies for both major implant manufacturers (Allergan and Mentor) produced the critical data necessary for the FDA to confirm their safety and benefit. Dr. Love also sponsored four additional groundbreaking breast implant studies submitted to the FDA. He is a leader in the field with proven results. Contact us today at (405) 751-LOVE (5683) if you are considering breast augmentation, and rest assured that you are in safe, skilled hands.