Body Fat Grafting

If you are in need of a small enhancement or a minor adjustment to the shape of your breast or buttocks, body fat grafting from Dr. Love may be an option for you. Body fat grafting utilizes your own fatty tissue – often sourced from your midsection via liposuction – to make small tweaks to the contours of your breast or gluteal areas. Fat grafting can help with lack of volume or symmetry, droopiness, inconsistent shape and other issues, and it can be a stand-alone treatment or a treatment used in conjunction with other treatments like breast augmentation or breast reconstruction.

Advantages of fat transfer for body enhancement include:

  • The use of the patient’s own tissue instead of a short-lived injectable filler
  • Aesthetic improvements by liposuction harvesting from areas of unwanted or excessive fat (abdomen, hips & flanks are common donor sites)

Limitation of fat transfer technique may include:

  • Inadequate availability of fat volumes to accomplish desired result
  • Greater expense compared to traditional procedures

As with all plastic surgery, each patient should first consult with Dr. Love to determine the best approach. A consultation with a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery helps to ensure thorough evaluation and implementation of the most beneficial techniques available.

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Body Fat Grafting
When the contours of your breast or buttocks need some fine tuning, body fat grafting may be the right technique to ensure smooth lines, symmetry and full volume in these areas of your body. Body fat grafting utilizes your own fat cells to enhance targeted areas and provide a more aesthetic overall appearance. Dr. Love can even perform body fat grafting in concert with other treatments like a tummy tuck or breast augmentation/reconstruction, in order to fine tune your results.
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Arm Lift/Brachioplasty
If weight loss, aging or heredity has given your upper arms a drooping, sagging appearance, an arm lift may be the treatment that can give your arms the appearance you desire. An arm lift from Dr. Tim Love reduces excess sagging skin and localized fat pockets, tightens supportive tissues and redefines the shape of your arms.
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Body Lift
Over time, aging, sun damage, pregnancy or significant fluctuations in weight can negatively impact the elasticity of your skin and the natural contours of your body. A body lift focuses on areas like the abdomen, buttocks, groin and thigh, removing excess sagging fat and skin and reshaping these areas. Each patient has unique needs in these areas, and Dr. Love can describe your unique, recommended treatment option thoroughly and completely so you can make a confident, informed decision. Many patients have been thrilled with the results of a body lift performed by Dr. Love.
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Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is primarily focused on reshaping the contours of the body. Though it can result in weight loss, it’s main intent is to help you improve those localized areas of fat that you cannot seem to get rid of through diet and exercise. There are several liposuction techniques available and Dr. Love can help you determine the treatment and technique that best matched your desired results.
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Tummy Tuck
For those who don’t like the effects that pregnancy, aging, weight fluctuations or prior surgery have had on the appearance of their abdomen, a tummy tuck may provide desirable results! A tummy tuck is not primarily designed to reduce weight. Instead, Dr. Love focuses on shaping the tummy area to reduce the appearance of sagging or loose skin in the abdominal area. Before surgery, Dr. Love will help you understand realistic expectations from your tummy tuck procedure and answer all your questions. Many patients are very happy with their appearance after a tummy tuck from Dr. Love.
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