Teenage girl holding baby boy, close up

There are many remarkable, exciting changes that occur in a woman’s life after child birth but unfortunately, there are also significant changes in breast and abdominal condition.

A Mommy Makeover specifically targets these areas so that moms can be moms and still be happy with their bodies. Dr. Love in Oklahoma City will tailor an individualized treatment plan just for you, from options like these:

Dr. Love has thirty years of experience and is considered a mommy makeover expert. Breast volume restoration can be provided by silicone implants or even use of your own fat tissue. Dr. Love also provides cohesive gel implants (Gummy Bear Implants). In fact, he is a leader in his field in this technique as he was selected as one of only twenty U.S. surgeons to lead an FDA study for these implants.

Dr. Love is also an expert in correction of droopy, stretch-marked skin, lax abdominal muscles, and excess ‘baby weight’ of the hips and flanks (love handles) using the most current and effective techniques.

Each patient’s body is unique. Outcomes and results may vary based on body type, lifestyle and genetics, but Dr. Love can help you create the best you, highlighting and enhancing your own unique features. A complete assessment through consultation allows Dr. Love and staff to develop an individualized plan you can expect support from the beginning to end.

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