Breast cancer affects many women and it seems at younger ages. Going through treatment is a tough journey, and for many women undergoing reconstructive breast surgery is one of the steps toward healing – physically, mentally and emotionally.

By recreating the natural contour of the breast through either a prosthesis or use of one’s own body tissue, the staged reconstruction process can literally make the patient look and feel ‘normal’ again.

When looking for a breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, Oklahoma women turn to Dr. Tim R. Love. With more than 30 years experience, he helps regain the body they once had.

Reconstruction choices

There are two main types of breast and nipple reconstruction and Oklahoma City-based Dr. Tim Love is proud to offer both options to his patients. The new breast will either be created by the use of a prosthesis (breast implant) or the patient’s own tissues (tissue flap).

An implant is a fluid-filled breast form, which will be surgically implanted under the chest muscle to create a new breast.

A tissue flap is a section of skin, fat and muscle which is removed from either the stomach, back or other area, and transferred to the chest area. It is then shaped into a new breast.

Reconstruction using breast implants

The most common approach used is that of using breast implants. This offers a shorter recuperative time and causes less trauma to the body as compared to the tissue flap approach. The implant itself consists of a silicone gel shell filled with silicone gel.

Reconstruction using tissue flaps

The breast may also be reconstructed by surgically removing a section of skin, fat and muscle from one part of the body and repositioning it to the chest area. This approach is often used when the patient has undergone radiation treatment which has resulted in damaged tissue not suitable for expansion. It is also used when extra tissue coverage is needed over the breast implant. Fat grafting is also a very popular way to fine-tune overall reconstruction results.

Other fine tuning

Some women will have only one breast removed during the mastectomy. Achieving symmetry may be difficult due to aging or sagging when undergoing breast reconstruction. Oklahoma law ensures women the right to have symmetrical breasts. This may be accomplished by undergoing procedures such as a breast lift (mastopexy), breast reduction, or enlargement (augmentation mammoplasty). Also, using the woman’s own fat cells (fat grafting) is an effective technique to enhance visible results.

How do I know that Dr. Tim Love is the best breast reconstruction surgeon for me?

  • Leader in his field: Dr. Love was one of only 20 U.S. surgeons selected to pioneer shaped implants in the nation, and operated on the first U.S. patient in the historical “CORE” gel implant study.

  • 30+ years of cosmetic surgery experience in Oklahoma.

  • Countless successful breast procedures, resulting in hundreds of happy clients – read their reviews.

  • Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

  • A comfortable and convenient OKC location.

  • Voted the best plastic surgeon in Oklahoma City in multiple readers’ choice contests.

Contact Dr. Tim R. Love today to schedule your consultation: (405) 751-LOVE (5683)

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