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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Oklahoma City

Breast Reconstruction Procedures

The time following the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer can be long and painful. Many women who opt for a full or partial mastectomy find breast reconstruction to be extremely helpful in the healing process, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Breast reconstruction can help a woman look and feel more like herself, perhaps even more so than before her cancer diagnosis. Breast reconstruction uses a prosthetic or the patient’s own tissue to recreate the natural contour of the breast.

Types of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

There are two primary types of breast and nipple reconstruction surgeries, both of which Dr. Love offers. One or both new breasts can be created with either a breast implant surgically implanted under the chest muscle or from the patient’s own skin, fat, and muscle, removed from one location in the body and transferred to the chest area (tissue flap).

Breast implants are the most common reconstruction option because of the shorter recovery time and reduced trauma to the body.

However, the tissue flap option may be more suitable in cases where the patient has received radiation treatment that has damaged the tissue and made it unsuitable for expansion. A section of skin, fat, and muscle is removed from one part of the body and repositioned onto the chest. This form of fat grafting is also ideal for providing extra tissue coverage over breast implants or for fine-tuning broader reconstruction procedures.

Some women will have only one breast removed during a mastectomy. Achieving perfect symmetry may be difficult due to aging or sagging, but Oklahoma law guarantees women the right to symmetrical breasts. Dr. Love will work with you to create the best possible reconstruction plan, which may be one or a combination of a number of procedures, including breast lift (mastopexy), breast reduction, breast augmentation, or additional fat grafting.

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