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Chemical Peels (Obagi Blue)

Skin cells begin to slow in their growth and become dull in appearance as we age, but your more beautiful skin is just below the surface. By addressing superficial and medium-depth skin inconsistencies, chemical peels help promote faster skin cell replenishment for a brighter, firmer, younger-looking glow. They can dramatically reduce skin damage and the signs of aging, making them ideal as a complement to facelifts or to help promote the application of other topical treatments.

Depending on your unique skin conditions, a series of peels may be suggested, as a series of 4-6 peels generally provides optimal results.

Obagi Blue Peel ®

The Obagi Blue Peel ® is a professional grade, medium-depth chemical peel that removes deeper layers of skin to address skin irregularities like sun spots, hyperpigmentation, mild to moderate wrinkles, and acne scarring. The Obagi Blue Peel ®, with its patented blue base, can be used on the face, neck, hands, and backs of the arms and legs to produce dramatic results in skin tone and texture. This application can be tailored to your unique needs and level of concern, from the application of several layers during at 20-minute session to additional sessions in six to eight week intervals.

Dr. Love and his board-certified Physician Assistant, Kasey Swayden, are committed to helping patients achieve their unique aesthetic goals. Their years of experience and technical expertise produce results that are flattering and natural looking. Smoother, younger looking skin is closer than you think. Call our office today at 405.751.LOVE (5683) to schedule your consultation.