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Everyone has boobs: it’s just a matter of how big they are. In some cases, bigger isn’t always better: large breasts can lead to a myriad of health problems, including damage to self-esteem. Whether you’re a female reconsidering a breast enlargement you had years ago or a male suffering from gynecomastia, there is no shortage of reasons to want a breast reduction. We’re here to help you decide.


Gynecomastia For Men

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, gynecomastia—the abnormal enlargement of male breast tissue—affects as many as 65 percent of boys aged 14-years or older. While onset is typically around puberty and resolves itself within two-to-three years, gynecomastia can affect men at any age and sometimes requires surgical removal. The enlargement may be barely noticeable—with a small form just behind the nipple—to a larger, more feminine-looking breast. The condition may affect one or both breasts, and may be painful at times.

In addition to the confidence and social stigma, gynecomastia can be a painful sign of an underlying condition like hyperthyroidism or a side effect of certain medications. While some minor cases of gynecomastia may be treated with minor lifestyle changes, more pronounced cases require surgery to correct the enlarged breast tissue. While the tissue growth is benign, other tests may be performed on the tissue once extracted to confirm it is not a sign of another, more serious condition. Recovery from gynecomastia surgery typically involves a chest wrap and a few days of bed rest. Depending on the discernible cause of your gynecomastia, your doctor may also recommend a few lifestyle changes.

Gynecomastia For Women

For women, excessively large breasts affect over one million women in the United States alone. Breasts that are too large may lead to back aches, neck pain, migraines and even numbness in the extremities. As women age, their shoulders naturally roll forward, causing compression on the chest; with large breasts, the discomfort may be felt sooner rather than later. breast reduction

Large breasts can be caused through a genetic disposition, menopause, after puberty, pregnancy, weight gain or any of those combined with breast augmentation surgery. Whatever the reason, abnormally large breasts can lead to a myriad of health problems that may be resolved through a breast reduction surgery.

While you may be uncertain regarding your breast size, your doctor may help you measure your breast-to-body ratio to determine if they are too large for your body frame. Additionally, a proper bra-fitting may give you an indication of the actual size of your breasts. The surgical approach of your breast reduction may vary depending on the cause of your enlarged breasts, meaning recovery specifications may be different as well. Be sure to talk to your doctor regarding what you need to expect and prepare for prior to surgery.


Plastic surgery isn’t just for any specific person, and neither is a breast reduction: regardless of the cause, sometimes there is such a thing as too big. Call us to talk about your questions and concerns, or to schedule a consultation. We’re happy to help get you back to a body you love!