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DR TIM LOVE - TUMMY TUCK (7)Would you let an untrained, untested laborer work on the plumbing in your home? Would you want that person swinging a wrench as they work their way through the pipes running underneath and through the place where you live? No? Then why would you allow a non-credentialed surgeon to work on your body?

Surgery is a delicate and intimate procedure, no matter what type of surgery it is. Don’t trust it to a surgeon who isn’t fully accredited. If you’re considering a procedure such as breast augmentation, a butt lift, or hair transplant, it’s important that you seek out a physician who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) was organized in 1937. As a subsidiary of the American Board of Surgery, the ABPS maintains the highest level of standards and ethics. Plastic surgeons certified by the board are listed with the American Board of Medical Specialties. The ABPS is one of 24 boards that comprise the ABMS. The purpose of the board is to protect the public by ensuring a consistent and high standard of excellence and certification in medical practices.

Dr. Tim Love was one of the first plastic surgeons in Oklahoma to be board certified by the ABPS and he’s been certified by the board for more than three decades. As a result, Dr. Tim R. Love, MD has been sought after for work in clinical studies and to speak on several occasions in front of his peers.

Staying current with industry techniques and trends

One of the benefits of choosing a credentialed and board-certified plastic surgeon is to ensure that you’re getting the most current care. Board-certified surgeons are required to take part in periodic educational seminars and training to learn new techniques and procedures. For more information about your options with plastic surgery in Oklahoma City, contact Dr. Tim Love’s office.