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Liposuction Procedure in Oklahoma City

Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction (lipoplasty), one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, is a great solution for those pockets of fat that just don’t respond to healthy diets and regular exercise.

Liposuction is not intended as a weight loss substitute; it is instead a tool designed for contouring the body. Good candidates for liposuction:

  • Are within 30% of their ideal weight
  • Have good muscle tone and elastic skin
  • Are non smokers
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Liposuction is an invasive plastic surgery that requires the insertion of a cannula to remove excess fat and should only be performed in a credentialed medical setting by a board-certified and trained plastic surgeon. Though there are a range of providers and procedures offered in Oklahoma City, many of them are performed by unlicensed practitioners or in “medical spas,” which do not have the proper safety certifications of surgery centers. This can result in poor outcomes, serious injury, or even worse.

Dr. Love is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience in liposuction procedures. He is committed to helping you attain realistic, natural-looking results for the body you’ve always wanted. Don’t carry around that extra fat anymore. Call us today at (405) 751-LOVE (5683) to schedule your initial consultation.

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