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Hair Transplants in Oklahoma City

Hair Transplant Procedures

Thinning hair and hair loss affect millions of Americans of all ages, both men and women, with side effects that include low self-esteem, decreased self-confidence, and embarrassment. Hair loss is strongly influenced by genetic or hereditary factors, but it does not have to be irreversible. Thanks to advancements in techniques and technology, you do not have to accept what your genetics have handed you.

Dr. Tim R. Love has been at the forefront of hair replacement and transplant procedures for over 30 years, relying on the gold-standard strip harvesting method to deliver natural, sustainable results. At just $3 per graft, he offers the most competitive procedure price in the country.

By removing healthy follicle units from a donor area as one group, the strip harvesting method allows hair follicle units to be extracted intact in their genetic form. The healthy follicles can then be moved to various areas of your scalp. Strips of hair are removed from the donor site and prepared as hair grafts of up to three follicle units.

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The grafts are then transplanted into small puncture sites in the recipient areas where they are carefully positioned by orientation, angle, and number. The average hair transplant surgery consists of approximately 1500 grafts and takes between three and four hours.

Post-surgery, your scalp and hair will be washed and dried, and you will be prescribed antibiotics and pain medication, although most discomfort passes within 24 hours. Dr. Love may also recommend a topical or oral medication to protect your remaining hair.

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