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Hair transplantation is a highly specialized surgical procedure that relocates some of your existing hair from a donor site to areas of the scalp–called recipient sites–with thinning hair or no hair at all. The surgery generally takes four to six hours and is performed under local anesthesia in our office. Dr. Love excises a strip of skin 7 mm in width and 6-10” in length from the back of the head (donor site). This strip is then dissected into between 1,000 and 3,500 grafts (depending upon the patient’s needs). Each graft contains one to three hair follicles. These grafts are then planted into 16 gage needle holes into the designated recipient site of the scalp. 

Hair transplant procedures are considered cosmetic in nature and are not covered by insurance. The surgery can range in cost from about $3,000 to $10,000, with the average procedure costing approximately $6,000 at about $4 per graft. 

The other costs you can expect for hair transplants vary depending on:

  • The amount of hair that needs to be transplanted. Part of the costs of a hair transplant procedure is determined per graft. Repairing just a few patches of thinning or balding hair will cost considerably less than restoring hair across the entire scalp.
  • Post-procedure costs. To assist with your scalp’s recovery, you will be prescribed pain medication, antibiotics, or anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling in your scalp. 
  • Travel costs. The highly specialized nature of hair transplantation, as well as the lengthy procedure and mild sedation, means you may have to travel for the surgery. Be sure to take into consideration any travel or lodging expenses you may incur. 

Your Hair Transplant Surgeon Matters

Hair transplant results that look and feel natural require attention to detail, aesthetic nuance, and technical expertise. Every single person’s hair is different and there is no one “standard” procedure. To ensure that hair transplants blend in seamlessly with your hair’s unique color, density, and appearance, grafts must be placed carefully and intentionally by a qualified surgeon with extensive surgical hair transplant experience. 

Quality, Affordable Hair Transplant Procedures in Oklahoma City

A member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Tim R. Love, MD, of Oklahoma City has been at the forefront of hair transplant procedures for over 30 years, relying on the gold-standard strip harvesting method (FUT) to deliver natural, sustainable results. He has performed hundreds of hair restorations procedures, and, at just $4 per graft, he offers the most competitive price in the country. Payment may be made by credit card, cash, or cashier’s check. We also participate with Care Credit, Alphaeon Credit, and Prosper Healthcare Lending.

In addition, to accommodate out-of-state patients and offset the travel costs associated with receiving the best possible treatment, Dr. Love provides a travel allowance reimbursement of up to $300 in the form of 100 free or additional hair grafts. Many of our patients apply the savings from their hair transplant procedure to other cosmetic procedures that can be performed during the same trip to our office. In-office procedures include Fraxel Dual Laser (skin resurfacing), Morpheus (radiofrequency micro needling), Botox, and injectable fillers. Dr. Love is also board-certified to perform surgical procedures like breast augmentation, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and liposuction.

Dr. Love, along with his Certified Hair Transplant Specialist Clara Prather and the rest of the staff at Love Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, are proud to provide the quality patient care you expect and deserve when visiting a nationally-recognized practice. Easy access to and from Will Rogers World Airport and convenient lodging make visiting Dr. Love’s Oklahoma City office easy, and we work hard to make sure you feel right at home while you’re here.

Find Your Confidence with Dr. Love and His Team of Hair Restoration Experts in Oklahoma City

You deserve to look and feel your best. Let Dr. Love and Love Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics help you rediscover your best self. Call us at (866) 751-LOVE (5683) today to schedule your hair transplant consultation. Dr. Love can meet with you in person, over the phone, or virtually to help you on the path toward reclaiming your confidence. 

Travel to Oklahoma City for your hair transplant procedure and get up to $300 in travel credit.