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A pair of dogs on the trails with Lindsay from Dr. Tim Love's office in Oklahoma City

The staff at the offices of Dr. Tim Love in Oklahoma City like to take care of their patients. But their compassion doesn’t end there. One employee does everything she can to care for dogs who have no one else to love them. Lindsay, a nurse at Dr. Tim R. Love, MD’s office, has rescued several dogs who needed some tender loving care.

“Dogs are voiceless, and I feel it’s our responsibility to care and advocate for them,” Lindsay said. Teaming with her sister in Tulsa, Lindsay helps find homes for dogs who have been abandoned, abused, or are simply homeless and facing an uncertain future.

“My sister and I often work together to make things happen,” she said. “We collaborate to find foster homes, rescues or permanent home for dogs. We network with other active dog lovers and rescuers to arrange transport of the dogs and whatever else is needed. We both do what we can to help when we can, but of course we can’t help them all.”

That’s where others can fit in, and Lindsay encourages everyone to do their part, including being a responsible pet owner. Her advice:

SPAY and NEUTER your pets. Don’t contribute to an overpopulation problem by allowing your animals to breed unfettered. There are about 2.4 million healthy adoptable cats and dogs – and about one in every thirteen seconds are put down in U.S. shelters each year. There are low cost clinics everywhere such as Spay OK, Pet Medical Center of Edmond, Neuter Sooner, Street Cats, OK Alliance for Animals, Southern Agricultural and the Humane Society, Animal Birth Control Project and Smart Choice.

ADOPT. Buying a dog encourages breeding. Every dog that’s purchased takes the place of a dog that is on death row that could have been placed with a loving family. There are usually rescues for every breed of dog, and the shelters are full of pure bred dogs (dogs that were bred and then turned over to shelter at some point) and tons of other great dogs. They just want a warm bed and food and love! Rescue dogs are the best dogs. It’s like they know you saved them and are forever grateful. They are by no means ‘broken’! Check out the Central OK Humane Society or the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter to find your next family member.

BE A RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER. Don’t get a dog if you think for any reason you would not want the dog anymore (having kids, moving to an apartment, work schedule, etc.) Educate yourself about what breed works best for you before you adopt. And if there is a behavior issue, seek a professional. It doesn’t mean the dog is bad or you should give up on it.

Michael Mehtala is a dog trainer who loves to help dogs – especially rescue dogs with behavioral issues. He is very affordable and wants to decrease the number of shelter dogs due to behavioral problems. Find him on Facebook. Only adopt if they are going to be permanent family members. They are not disposable. Shelters are not rescues. Unfortunately, most of the dogs in shelters do not make it out.

VOLUNTEER. Support a rescue or shelter by volunteering. Fostering a dog is a great way for people to “try out” being a dog parent or to try out a dog to see if it’s a good fit. Rescues have to have fosters in order to save dogs. The dogs need a temporary place to live until a permanent home is found. These places also need donations.

Pit bulls are one of Lindsay’s favorite breed of dogs and she wants everyone to know that pit bulls are not how they’re portrayed. “Don’t judge them or be scared of them based on hearsay,” Lindsay said. “Most make great pets – they’re energetic, goofy, smart, loyal,and extremely cuddly. Sadly, pit bulls are euthanized more than any breed because of the misconceptions surrounding them.”

Most recently, Lindsay became aware of a kennel in Mounds, Oklahoma that will actually board “un-homed” dogs for only $2 per day until they can be placed in either permanent or foster homes. Lindsay drove a pit bull there to ensure its safety until future placement. She also encourages people to help in any way they can, no matter how small. She recommends an app called “Walk For the Dog” that donates money each mile you walk to the Dog Rescue of your choice. “Sometimes helping can be that easy,” Lindsay said.

You make it look easy, Lindsay, because it’s so obvious that you love animals. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and we’re proud to have you as part of our team.