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man looking in mirror at his hair loss

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month! Here are a few things you may not know about hair loss:

Hair loss impacts more than 55 million men and women in the United States

For men and women 35 years and older, there were 56 million who experienced a hair loss problem in 2013, according to research by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. However, many people under the age of 35 can also experience the problem. This is important in realizing that you’re not alone if you are experiencing hair loss.

Hair loss is not just a men’s issue

An estimated 21 million women deal with hair loss in the United States. Women now have more information and options than ever before when it comes to hair loss. But unfortunately, women seem to consult a physician less often than men when confronted with hair loss. If you’re a woman and you notice hair loss, see your doctor as a first step.

Check the products you use on your hair

Some hair care products can be damaging to your hair. Carefully check your shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hair spray, and other products to make sure you aren’t hurting your hair. Be aware that blow drying with heat is almost always bad for your hair. Weakening your hair can make you more susceptible to hair loss. Start a discussion about your options with your hair care specialist, stylist or physician.

During National Hair Loss Awareness Month, perform an inventory on your hair and find out ways to see warning signs of hair loss. In addition, be certain that you are treating your hair well so it stays vibrant and healthy.  Contact us today if you’re interested in discussing hair transplant options.