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7If you’re considering plastic surgery, you’re likely to have many questions. Questions about what you need, what it entails, and what it will cost. The answers to those questions can all be found in step one of your journey to a new you: the nurse consult at Dr. Tim Love’s in Oklahoma City.

The nurses at Dr. Tim R. Love, MD’s office are highly trained and have years of experience working with patients to help guide them through the first phase of the process, whether it be for simple cosmetic surgery or a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or a hair transplant.

“The decision to have plastic surgery is an important one and patients should have as much information as they can to make the choices they need to make,” said Dr. Tim Love. “Patients are encouraged to discuss their goals and we provide a very relaxed and informal setting.”

Dr. Tim R. Love, MD wants to ensure that his patients are well-informed and at ease. Customer service is paramount. For more than three decades, Dr. Tim R. Love, MD has been practicing medicine and he’s risen to become the leading plastic surgeon in the state of Oklahoma. He’s been at the forefront of technology and techniques and he’s helped thousands of patients.

Many patients travel from around the country to see Dr. Tim R. Love, MD. Tina Ridley, our office manager, has scheduled nurse consults with many patients over the years for Dr. Tim R. Love, MD. “The biggest benefit of the nurse consult is peace of mind for the patient,” Ridley said. “I see a light go off in the patient’s mind when they get their questions answered, and I also see them become more relaxed and comfortable. Any anxiety they may have felt just leaves them.”

Dr. Tim R. Love, MD is committed to education and prides himself on being on the cusp of new techniques and procedures. He’s constantly challenging his staff to learn more and investigate new processes and resources.

“More than 12 years ago I was asked to be one of the few plastic surgeons in the United States to test the use of CSG (cohesive silicone gel) or ‘gummy bear’ implants,” Dr. Tim R. Love, MD said. “I’ve used the materials on countless patients with excellent results and I strive to get the best products for use with my patients. It’s led me to forge relationships with medical supply companies that are creating excellent solutions.”

After a prospective patient has their free nurse consult they will know the risks involved in the procedure, will have materials to be able to review at home, and they will know roughly what the cost of their procedure will be. They are encouraged to follow up with Dr. Tim R. Love, MD’s office if they have further questions. Contact our office to schedule your free nurse consult.