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SkinCueticals, Retinol 1.0
SkinCueticals, Retinol 1.0

Remember when you’re Mom reminded you to “take your vitamins?” As with so many other things, she was correct. As a retinoid, retinol is a form of vitamin A, which is important for growth and development as well as maintenance of the immune system. It can also do wonders for wrinkles.

The benefits of retinol for the skin have long been known and products are available to help with wrinkles and other signs of aging. Available over-the-counter, retinol-based Retinol 1.0® is ideal for laxity, firmness, and wrinkles.

“Retinoids are a proven way to combat aging of the skin,” said Dr. Tim Love, who recommends Retinol to his patients.

Developed by SkinCueticals, Retinol 1.0® accelerates cell turnover and is ideal for aging and problematic skin. Applied in the evening, the 1% pure retinol product is a lightweight formula that minimizes inflammation commonly associated with retinol use. Retinol 1.0® is available from Dr. Tim R. Love, MD at his office in Oklahoma City.

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