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When it comes to avoiding sunburn, most of us remember to slather sunscreen on our arms, legs, back, and stomach. The next morning, however, we’ve all woken up with a red, sore, sunburnt scalp. Ouch! And once the sting has dissipated, the scalp gets unbearably itchy and moves into unsightly peeling – not pretty. Nothing ruins a good summer day like lingering sunburn. And sunburn on the scalp can even affect the hair follicles and the hair growing in. Fortunately, scalp burn is preventable. Here are five tips to help you avoid these frustrating burns.

1. Go undercover and wear a hat

You don’t want to have greasy-looking roots when you’re in public (or ever), which makes the thought of applying sunscreen to your scalp very unappealing.  Here’s a more stylish solution: find some kind of head covering – from a basic baseball cap to a stylish straw topper – to keep your scalp covered. This will prevent scalp burn, shade your eyes from the bright sun, and even help you look stylish long after you’ve sweat through every layer of clothing.

2. Use a non-greasy sunblock spray

There are a variety of sunblock sprays on the market. Allure magazine recommends using a spray like Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock Spray to protect the scalp without causing those telltale greasy roots.

3. Change up your part

If you still have a full head of hair, you’re probably most concerned about protecting that bare stretch of skin that is your part. Change up your hairstyle to prevent exposing this sensitive patch of skin. For most people, a ponytail or half-pony will work well. Use barrettes or clips to help hold hair in place throughout the day.  If you want to stay on your game, pack a hairbrush or comb and check periodically to make sure your hairstyle is still in place – and trust your locks to do the sun-blocking for you. Watch held up by water

4. Keep track of the time

Whether you’re trying to prevent burning your scalp or your entire body, you know you’ve got to pay attention to the time of day. The sun is strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Avoiding direct sun exposure during these hours can drastically reduce your chance of sunburn. Try to schedule activities for earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon and have a much more enjoyable time outdoors without having to worry as much about the sun.

5. Get a Hair Transplant

Wait, what? Hear us out: people who have lost most or all of their hair have virtually no defense against the sun from the neck up. You can help the scalp regain its natural protection with a hair transplant – and look younger in the process. If you’ve got some hair covering your scalp, you’ll be less stressed about sunburn. Hair transplants are relatively straightforward for most people and can help patients regrow 60 percent new hair in the six to nine months following the procedure. As summer and the strength of the UV rays begin to demand attention from those of us who like to spend time outdoors, make sure you’re protecting your scalp.