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DR TIM LOVE - TUMMY TUCK (1)Many women get a breast augmentation as part of an overall plan to improve their health. In addition to undergoing the procedure, they may also be planning to lose weight or adding muscle through a workout regimen. Some women undergo breast augmentation after they’ve completed their child-bearing and want to makeover their bodies.

How does weight loss impact breast implants?

A small weight drop after getting breast implants will have little to no impact on your implants and breast size. A patient would have to lose a significant amount of weight (in ratio to their overall weight) to see a decrease in breast size and a potential impact on the implants. A few pounds, say 10-15 pounds for an average-sized woman, would not have an effect.

Much depends on how much fatty tissue is in the breast and the ratio of that tissue to the glandular tissue. There’s no exact formula for this, you should consult your family doctor and/or plastic surgeon if you have lost weight or are planning to lose weight after the surgery.

Will my breast implants still look good after weight loss?

Most likely they will. The reason is that most breast augmentation patients have little fat in their breasts to begin with. Smaller breasts do not have much fat, so weight loss should not impact the breast augmentation. In fact, weight loss may actually enhance implant results, helping your breasts look fuller. Results may vary however, so pay close attention to your breasts during and after the period of weight loss to see how they look.

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