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It’s not easy talking about hair loss, it can be embarrassing and overwhelming.

Many people respond with: “Why is this happening and what am I supposed to do about it?”

To combat this problem, Dr. Tim Love and Steve Schardein teamed up to educate their clients and employees on how to deal with hair loss.

Schardein operates one of the largest and most popular full-service salons in Oklahoma City, Schardein’s. Dr. Tim R. Love, MD, an award-winning plastic surgeon, is one of Schardein’s clients. A conversation between the two led to an idea.

Steve Schardein talks to his staff during a weekly training session.
Steve Schardein talks to his staff during a weekly training session.


“Tim’s a client and we discussed the confusion many people have when they experience hair loss,” Schardein said in a recent interview at his 6,700-square foot salon located in northern Oklahoma City on May Avenue. “We deal with people who are suffering from hair loss – we cut their hair. We want to help them.”

Love and Schardein worked together to formulate a training program for Schardein’s stylists. Dr. Tim R. Love, MD met with they stylists to explain the hair transplant procedure and methods for talking about hair loss. Both Dr. Tim R. Love, MD and Schardein have undergone hair transplant surgery, so they know what to expect and what impact it has on a patient’s life.

“I’m living proof,” Dr. Tim R. Love, MD said in a video interview shortly after his procedure.
“It’s the best thing I ever did,” Schardein said, “my hair looks great and I feel great about it. I’m in the fashion business, I have to look good.”

But these two professionals were interested in more than just results – they were also committed to educating people about hair loss and providing the best possible customer service.

“It was interesting to see how Steve’s employees really soaked in the information and wanted to implement it with their clients who may have questions about hair loss – men and women,” Dr. Tim R. Love, MD said. “I was impressed at how Steve wanted to know as much as possible so he could help his clients. He also asked a lot of questions when he had his procedure.”

Dr. Tim R. Love, MD performs hair transplant surgery at his office at Hefner Pointe Drive and he believes strongly in the benefits of the procedure. He sees the positive reaction from his patients on a weekly basis. “You talk about people who have gratitude about what we do for them, it’s the hair treatment patient – male or female,” he said.

“The service I received from Dr. Tim R. Love, MD’s office was unbelievable,” said Schardein, who had his hair transplant a few years ago and has a healthy head of hair. “People are surprised that I had a transplant and when they find out they always tell me ‘Your hair looks amazing.’”

Thanks to their commitment to their clients, both Dr. Tim R. Love, MD and Schardein are making it easier for people to understand how a hair transplant can give them amazing hair.

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